The Chelsea Boot
A staple in men's fashion the classic Chelsea boot works with anything from denim to formal wear. Material: 100% Leather 
The Oxford Shoe
Starting off with a traditional Oxford design, adorned with hand-punched broguing and stitching, the elaborate design makes a bold statement. ...
Light clean and stylish perfect for dressy or casual situations. The black leather double monk strap mules great with shorts...
The Simple Sneaker
Made out of 100% Leather. A Sneaker that goes with anything suit or jeans a staple in your wardrobe.
The signature Being Dapper Mongoram slipper. Walk with dignity made well in black velvet with an interior with mentalese stitching.
Elegant patent leather slippers with either black or bronze gold tassel. Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipment.
Brown military boots versatile and stylish great for a casual dapper look with a wing tip design. Paired well with...
Octavian boots versatile and stylish great for a casual dapper look. Paired well with jeans or chinos. Upper boot material...
Double Monkstrap shoe versatile and stylish perfect addition to your wardrobe. 100% leather hand made in Spain.
Quilted stitched silver with your choice of silver or bronze embroidery.
Make an entrance with these well-made patent leather slippers with spikes on the back of the heel.  Made out of...
Black leather slippers simple elegance.
Every great story has an ending to make your epic with these slippers.
A take on a classic design with a modern touch.
Royal navy slippers that are elegant and stylish.