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Being Dapper Monogrammed Sweater

$ 70.00

The perfect sweater for the fall or winter with a clean minimalistic look. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Made out of 100% Acrylic comfortable warm and stylish the perfect.....

The Babylon

$ 40.00

Babylon the 1st beard gang, est 2300 b.c. Be the king wear the Babylon. 100% cotton tee-shirt athletic cut...

Boxing Day

$ 40.00

The Boxing Day teeshirt depicting one of the most historic fights of the 20th century that transcended the sport occurred on July 4, 1910 in Reno, Nev. Jack Johnson, the.....

The Vanguard Jacket

$ 125.00

The vanguard rowing blazer lightweight, comfortable and stylish.  Great jacket to be worn casually or for a more dressier event. With a beautiful bullion patch on the chest pocket with an.....

The Scholar

$ 80.00

Modern prep at it's finest a clean ivy league look that can be worn formally with a dress shirt and tie or with a v-neck tee-shirt with the distinctive BD monogram initials in.....

The Vanguard Sweater

$ 90.00

The vanguard cable knitted cardigan Sweater. With an embellished royal patch with hand beading, made out of a cotton blend material. Can be worn both casually as well as in formal situations......


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