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Gentlemen Teeshirt Sly Fox

$ 40.00

Who said you need a suit to be a sly fox? They are going to stare anyway give them something worthwhile to look at...

The Babylon

$ 40.00

Babylon the 1st beard gang, est 2300 b.c. Be the king wear the Babylon. 100% cotton tee-shirt athletic cut...

The Vanguard Jacket

$ 200.00

The Vanguard jacket a beautifully rowing jacket adorned with gold metallic buttons and bullion patching. Imported cotton soft lining that is lightweight. Perfect for all occasions can be dressed up.....

The Scholar

$ 80.00

Modern prep at it's finest a clean ivy league look that can be worn formally with a dress shirt and tie or with a v-neck tee-shirt with the distinctive BD monogram initials in.....

The Roman

$ 40.00

All roads lead to Rome with Being Dapper all roads lead to style. The Roman is the perfect addition  to a gents wardrobe, with its vertical minimal design the perfect.....

The Gentleman Teeshirt

$ 40.00

Remind the world who you are with the gentleman teeshirt 100% cotton athletic fit...


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The perfect gift for a gent.